Day 12 of Gratitude Challenge

Over the past year, I gave special attention to the words that I use. Are the words helping me towards my goal? This time last year, I was sad and angry. I focused on all the bad that was happening around me. Now, I focus on controlling my reaction to a situation. I find the good. I use empowering language. I am so grateful how this shift in language has improved my life.

The challenge today is to focus on the words you use (both internally and externally). Find at least one thing in your life that is good. Take time to be grate for the good things. Ask yourself what is great about today? Given the current weather conditions this could be more difficult today!

I will spend time today thinking about my family and friends. I am extremely grateful for the love and kindness they show me. And a bonus gratitude, it’s date night with my wife. We will enjoy our weekly date.

Author: HarrisGroup

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