Day 4 of the Gratitude Challenge

Some days are harder than other. Did you thank anyone yesterday? Did anyone thank you? Did it change your outlook on the day?

Understand this challenge is not all about rainbows, puppy dogs, fairy tales and Hallmark movies. Life is challenging. There are significant obstacles to success. However, if you can spend a few moments each day focusing on gratitude, you life can be dramatically improved.

Today, ponder the happy moments in your life. What are the memories that bring a smile to your face? What memories make you laugh or just feel better?

There are so many memories in my life for which I am grateful. A few examples:

-My wedding day. I remember it raining. I remember my wife worrying about the rain. I remember looking at my wife and wondering how did I get so lucky.

-The birth of my son. I remember the excitement and anticipation of the day. I remember the joy, love, and excitement I felt when I first held him.

-Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. I remember the tension of the game. I remember the crowd reacting to every small glimmer of hope. I remember the joy when the Twins scored the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning. But mostly I remember spending the day with my best friend.

What are you most cherished memories? Think about them, tell somebody about them today and reflect with gratitude how those moments made your life better.

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