Life Gets in The Way

This has been a week. It was supposed to be a week off from regularly scheduled duties. Instead, it was an intense week full of personal and professional requirements.

One of the challenges in living a healthy life is doing so during hectic weeks. I haven’t been perfect this week but I have been much better than in the past. I have exercised everyday. I have eaten mostly healthy (though I confess I was at a conference and there were cookies). I’m achieved my three major objectives each day.

I attribute most of this success to planning and focus. There have been several moments during this week where I could have focused on the wrong thing and gone down the rabbit hole of despair. Yet, because I had taken time to plan my week, I was able to focus on the plan and what I wanted to achieve this week.

I hope to write more this weekend but until then focus on what you can control.

Author: HarrisGroup

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